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Antenna GPS Ceramic Patch 1575.42MHz
GPS+Glonass Patch Antenna with IPEX Connector
Dielectric Patch Ceramic Antenna 1596MHz
Dielectric Patch Ceramic Antenna 1581MHz

Dielectric Patch Antenna

PhotoSeriesDimensionFrequency RangePDFFeature
Antenna GPS Ceramic Patch 1575.42MHz25X25X4mm1575.42±1.023 MHz

Nominal frequency: 1575.42±1.023 MHz
Center frequency: 1580±3.0 MHz
Application: GPS

GPS+Glonass Patch Antenna with IPEX Connector15X15X4mm1575.42±1.023 MHz

Frequency Range:1575.42MHz±1.023MHz, 1598.06MHz~1605.38MHz
Polarization: RHCP
Application: GPS + Glonass

Dielectric Patch Ceramic Antenna 1596MHz25X25X4mm1596.0±4.5 MHz

Nominal frequency: 1590MHz
Center frequency:1596.0±4.5 MHz
Polarization Model: Linear

Dielectric Patch Ceramic Antenna 1581MHz25X25X4mm1581.0±4.5 MHz

Nominal frequency: 1590MHz
Center frequency: 1581.0±4.5 MHz
Polarization Model: Linear


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