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21. what is the crystal electrode?

Each crystal has a blank inside the enclosure. There are two electrodes on the blank, one on each side of the blank. The electrode is a round or rectangular area covered by a thin layer of silver (in some designs, it could be gold/Ag too). In crystal production, the electrodes were formed by deposition of silver onto the blank in high vacuum. This process is also known as "plating". Forming the electrode on the blank is actually a process of plating (depositing) silver onto the blank. Plating is done in two steps, base plating and fine plating. Base plating is performed in a batch mode by which a bunch of blanks are plated at the same time in one vacuum chamber. Base plating usually brings the blanks to a frequency range that is roughly 500 to 1,000 ppm (plate back range) above the target frequency. Fine plating is then done one by one and it will precisely take each blank to within, for example, +/- 30 ppm tolerance of the spec (target) frequency. For more supports, please contact with our sales. Thanks!



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