"Small Mask" brings "Great Warmth"---"WTL" and“Lyttop Healthcare”donated 100K masks to Guangzhou

  • Jun 18,2021

Recently, the sudden breakout of the COVID-19 epidemic in Guangzhou and other places catched the attention of the people all over the country. On the afternoon of 9th of June, WTL international Limited work together with Shenzhen Lyttop Healthcare limited to donated FIVE thousands pieces of disposable medical mask and FIVE thousands pieces of filter masks to the Red Cross Committee of Guangdong Province, All of the masks will be used in the prevention and control of the epidemic in Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

Making concerted efforts to fight with the epidemic

WTL brings strength and enhanced the confidence for the fighters who are working at the front line of epidemic prevention.The representatives of WTL and Lyttop Healthcare said that everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Donating masks to the people who are preventing and controlling the epidemic is the social responsibility that the company should take. We hope to overcome this sudden epidemic occurence as soon as possible.

mask arrival

 Certificate Awarded by the Red Cross Committee of Guangdong Province
donation certificate

Our highest respect to the "anti-epidemic fighters"  who are fighting on the front line

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Cheer Up, Xi'an! WTL donated masks to help with local epidemic control
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