WTL received certificate for its anti-epidemic assistance from Chang'an University

  • Mar 03,2022
In December 2021, the epidemic prevention and control in Xi'an was in a serious situation, WTL and Lyttop reached out our hand for help. We donated 20,000 FFP2 masks to Chang'an University on December 24. Although we are far away from Shenzhen, we hope that the local epidemic in Xi'an will be effectively controlled before the Chinese New Year comes and the local people can have a peaceful and warm Chinese New Year as well.

Our donation was highly recognized and praised by the local government and Chang'an University, and we received a certificate from Chang'an University as a Memorial and Recognition of our donation. We hope that in the future, we can be more tenaciously in fighting against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together, do our best to maintain local safety.

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