WTL donated materials to help the community Covid-19 prevention and control of Huangbei and Yuanling block in Shenzhen

  • Apr 08,2022

      On March 30th, WTL International limited participated in the donation activities again,and went to the front line of fighting against the epidemic. We sent milk, instant noodles, mineral water, disposable mask, protective face masks, isolation clothes, medical gloves and other supplies to the epidemic prevention and control points in Luofang community of Huangbei Block and Nantian community of Yuanling block to help prevent and control the epidemic in Shenzhen communities.

      At this critical moment, WTL contributes love for the prevention and control of the epidemic with practical actions to return to the society and the motherland. We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the Great White (epidemic prevention staff) who are fighting on the front line.

      Finally, in the face of the epidemic, there are no "bystanders" or "outsiders", everyone should contribute their own strength. Many entrepreneurs, organizations and individual representatives need to take active action to take the corresponding social responsibility and pass on love and warmth. We hope that we can win the battle against the epidemic as soon as possible by the united efforts of everyone.

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