WTL Held ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation Conference

  • Apr 28,2022

In the afternoon of April 26, WTL held a motivation meeting for all staff in the company on the implementation of ISO9001:2015 quality management system. The meeting called on all staff in all departments to seriously implement the system in accordance with the system requirements, put the rules into practice and transform the implementation into practical results, it provides system support for the company's further high-quality development and collaborative forward. All staff listened carefully to the speeches of the ISO quality system manager and the general manager, and warm applause erupted at the scene.

Quality management systems-Requirements is a system for quality management published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and is one of the most widely used ISO standards, it is the most mature management system and quality framework in the world so far. There are more than 161 countries/regions and over 750,000 organisations using this framework at the moment. However,it is only about 20% of Chinese domestic companies that actually implement the ISO standard. Our company has started to implement ISO in 2014, we are gradually pursuing to do what we say and achieve from what we do in the process of continuous development, This is also the reason why we held the motivation meeting.

WTL was first approved by ISO 9001 in 2014, and numerous customers have asked for this certificate so far, it is a basis of trust and a prerequisite for cooperation for premium clients, and also a guarantee for the increasingly deep and further internationalisation of the company's business.

Presentation by the Quality System Manager   

The purpose of our approval of ISO system is not just to get the certificate, because the certificate is only a form of embodiment of the results of the quality management system. The real purpose is to apply the quality management system to our operation, so that our operation can be standardised, our words and actions can be consistent, and the quality of our products can be continuously controlled, so that we can continue to obtain the satisfaction of relevant parties, and also guarantee the quality of products and services for our clients.

Presentation by the General Manager


Someone says, why does a company need a quality management system? What is the purpose? Let me make an example to explain, as in the above photo, different people will take different roads according to their subjective consciousness when he or she is facing a fork in the road like the person who cannot decide where to go in the photo. Only some people can successfully walk to the end in this case , However, all people will move in the right direction and the people behind will follow the footprints of the people in front of them to avoid stepping on potholes and reach the end quickly if everyone has a map in their hands. It is the same role for quality management system documents.


Documentation is the guiding principle of staff operations and records are the evidence of staff operations. Only the accuracy of staff operations in relation to documentation and records can ensure that the company continues to operate in a standardised way to guarantee that the products and services provided by the company are consistently same.

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