WTL donates necessaries to Shenzhen Nan Wan sub district for epedemic control

  • Jan 13,2022
On 7th,January, 2 people were found to be positive for the covid-19 during the regular test on employees in key industries,. From that day on, the whole Shenzhen City began to carry out covid-19 testing. 7 new confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic infection were found during 0 to 24:00 on January 11. All of the infected citizens were transferred to the hospital for isolation and treatments and they are in stable infection condition now.

In response to this epidemic prevention and control, WTL international Limited and "Shenzhen Lyttop Healthcare" quickly reacted to provide help when Shenzhen was in trouble. On January 11, the two companies organized and completed the donation of necessaries for covid-19 testing personnel. it includs masks, bottle water, milk, instant noodles, etc., we hope it can help to guarantee necessaries for covid-19 testing staff in the epidemic prevention and control of Nanwan Street, Longgang District. During the donation , Mr. Zhao Wei, the deputy general manager, personally transported the materials, aiming to effectively contribute to the local anti-epidemic in Shenzhen and make a modest contribution to building an anti-epidemic barrier together.

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