Delivery Method

Sep,17 2020

Party A:WTL   Party B:Buyer
Party A (WTL)will send an Invoice & packing list with the shipment, the Invoice will show
Party B(Clients) purchase order number and part number for products being shipped. When
shipment departs, Party A will advice the tracking number/airway bill to Party B.
Party B has express account.
Party A will prepare all the document (invoice+ packing list+ certificate+ test
data ) and ship to Party B requested shipping address.
Party B has no express account, need ship to forwarder, Party A supports FCA
Shenzhen price term.
Party B has no express account
Party A supports door to door service, Party B should negotiate with Party A
about the details of using DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT or other method,Party A will add
the express charge into the <Proforma Invoice>.
WTL supports DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT, by air and by sea etc.. all kinds of shipping
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